Eating Out & Taxis

If you decide to forego our home cooked food and our in house bar, below are some local café, pub and restaurant recommendations along with a taxi list (do book these well in advance especially at weekends)

Just so you know...

Here at our rural country location, there are a few things that might come as a surprise to those of you who are more used to urban life where dining opportunities abound and taxis are available at a snap of one’s fingers or a click on an app…things don’t quite work this way around here, which is one of the lovely things guests like about visiting Piglets, however it can be a little frustrating at times…let us explain; you are probably unlikely to find many pubs/restaurants open on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday evening for food. And if you don’t book in advance, getting into your favoured pub or restaurant on a Friday/Saturday night or for Sunday lunch might prove difficult plus local taxis’ are often all booked up well in advance (BTW there is no Uber here).

So with this in mind, our kitchen is open all evenings for food except for Wednesdays when the kitchen is closed. All orders need to be placed by noon of that day, ideally pre-ordered when you book and will be served from 6 to 7:30pm.

This allows for a cosy stress-free night in at Piglets with no taxis, our honour bar on hand and bed just a few steps away!


Silhouette of a London Hackney Cab

Getting to Piglets from London

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