Piglets Pantry is here!

Chrissie's cake of the month at Piglets Boutique B&B

Lockdown has given Max and I a chance to roll out Piglets Pantry here at the B&B so all you lovely guests can buy some of our most popular home-made goodies.

They’ll be on display in a specially designed unit just next to the bar with descriptions and pricing so you can browse at your leisure.

Our selection is based on most popular items and what keeps well. To start off we’ll be featuring popular foodstuffs and drinks and we hope to add to these if we get enough requests.

Expect to see our signature orange biscuits, the same ones you’ll find on your bed when you arrive and I’ve made so much marmalade the kitchen looked like a scene from Paddington! I go a bit crazy as the Seville oranges are only around for a few weeks and I’m always terrified I’ll run out before next year.

I decided it might be fun to have a cake of the month although I think that came out of a plan to be more organised this year. Anyway as I love using seasonal food and foraging (as well as begging fruit off the neighbours) it should be fun.  

Now do I know anybody with a walnut tree….?

Just one more reason to book a stay at Piglets Boutique B&B.

Home made jams, horseradish & marmalade at boutique B&B
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