Piglets’ history

Piggy history

Piglets was originally an old Essex tithe barn and was part of Hodges Farm (which is situated just behind Piglets) which Max’s mother and father bought whilst serving in the RAF in 1944.

To keep themselves going during the post war years, the barn was converted into a Piggery, with pigs upstairs and down and free ranging across Hodges small holding and eventually growing to around 450 Wessex Saddle Backs and Large Whites.

Our Large White Board 'Billy Bembo' circa 1964.

Our Large White Board ‘Billy Bembo’ circa 1964.

In 1968 the remaining pigs and farm equipment were sold (see poster opposite) along with “Billy Bembo” who lived in the ‘Stockade’ which is now our games room.

From then the building housed the luxury board gaming business of the Parker family with up to 25 locals producing the Company’s hand made goods. 

Hodges Farm across the drive

Max’s family home just across the yard, the beautiful Hodges circa 1350.

Max recalls giving out the auction lists at the gate as an 8 year old when the pigs were finally sold and we ceased as a farming family.

Sale of Piglets in 1968 at Piglets Boutique B&B

Then in 1994 the building was converted yet again, and this time into Max’s home (the current blue building known as ‘Old Piglets’) and then following his marriage to Chrissie, the home was extended in 2019 to encompass the B&B accommodation you can enjoy now.

The entrance before...
Theoriginal car park at Piglets before conversion to the swimming pond
The original car park before...
Old Piglets before becoming Piglets Boutique Country Stay
The front of Piglets before...
The old piggery and workshop which went onto form the new extension at Piglets Boutique Country Stay
The workshop before...
The front of Billy Bembo's boars pen before conversion to a workshop and then the games room at Piglets Boutique Country Stay
Billy Bembo's boar's pen before...
the conversion
becoming our swimming pond
Piglets Boutique B&B from the roadside
becoming a B&B
Looking to Piglets through the regen zone
becoming the new extension
Interior of the games room at Piglets Boutique Country Stay
being made into our games room

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