Piglets Pantry

From our kitchen table to yours

From day one, we started to make items for the B&B but as time has gone along, it came to our attention that our guests rather liked what we were doing and wanted to take some of our produce home with them.

Gradually our offering has grown and not only includes items you might expect a B&B to offer, such as jams, chutneys and the like, but also alcohol, farm-fresh eggs from our hens and an award-winning marmalade!

Jams, chutneys and marmalade

Oils and cookies!

Breakfast favourites

Homemade granola bagged and ready to serve in a bowl at Piglets Boutique Country Stay
Orange cooking just baked and being bagged up at Piglets Boutique Country Stay
One of our speckled hen at Piglets Boutique Country Stay
Broken egg shells after breakfast service at Piglets Boutique B&B

Home brews

Glass of organic apple juice next to a bottle made from apples at Piglets Boutique Country Stay
Blackberry Vodka in a glass and bottles at Piglets Boutique Country Stay

Local distillers, Charles & Mike just down the road near Great Dunmow have distilled and bottled up Max’s recipe and we are now about to receive our second batch of what has turned out to be a very popular addition to our artisan collection of small batch gins.

It is aptly named Nosy Parker London Dry Gin as we are ‘Parkers’ and we have been using our ‘noses’ frequently of late to bring together a contemporary London dry style gin with citrus notes.

Being a London dry it of course has juniper at its core but it also has coriander, angelica, liquorice, orris root and cardamom forming its base notes, whilst the heart is citrus with lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit and finished with a delightful herb infusion of rosemary, thyme and basil. The top note is cucumber. 40% abv.

Nosy Parker London Dry Gin glasses and bottles at Piglets Boutique B&B
Bronze medal marmalade award logo
Mrs Nosy Parker's Marmalade Gin label at Piglets Boutique Country Stay

Mrs Nosy Parker's Marmalade Gin

Following the huge success of our Nosy Parker London Dry we thought it was a ‘no-brainer’ to celebrate Chrissie winning a bronze medal at the World Marmalade Championships that we should twin this with our favourite tipple.

A London dry at its core, this is a less complex recipe to allow the full flavour of her award winning marmalade to shine through – the addition of coriander seeds and orange peel make a perfect marriage with the marmalade.

Served with a dehydrated or fresh orange slice, Fevertree Mediterranean tonic and plenty of ice is bliss!


Take a bottle 500ml home with you for £39.95

Despite both of these gins being  classed as a small batch artisan gins, we have priced these in the bar at a special subsidised price of £5/35ml pour so that you have the opportunity to try, what is at this point, an unknown gin to you – we hope after tasting you will want to include Nosy Parker London Dry or Mrs Nosy Parker’s Marmalade gin on your gin shelf at home!

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