Four legged friends

A note from Hamish & Harry!

Hello, we’re our mum & dad’s two rescue Bagels (Beagle/Basset & possibly a bit of Terrier crosses) – this is our home so don’t be surprised to see us walking about in the bits we’re allowed when we’re not sunbathing .

So if you are frightened, allergic or don’t like dogs perhaps Piglets is not for you as we don’t want to be locked up all day like at the dogs’ home we came from (too many bad memories).

Also we’ll spend the day (& possibly the night) barking if you bring another furry friend into our home, so please, as much as we are sure they are sweet, do leave your pooch at home so we don’t disturb other guests.

Many thanks & licks, Harry & Hamish.

Two dog paw print logos
Piglets two rescue dogs, Harry & Hamish relaxing on the pond decking
Harry & Hamish relaxing pond side at Piglets

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