Our eco credentials

Although a tiny place in the grand scheme of things, we feel that Piglets should do its bit for the environment and the planet’s future wherever possible however small this may be. Below are some of our current eco focussed initiatives whilst we endeavour to continue to improve our eco credentials wherever we can on a daily basis.

Electric vehicles

Doing our bit for the planet, where possible we use our electric scooter to go to the market!

Chrissie & Max Parker, Piglets Boutique owners on their eco-electric scooter

No chemicals or chlorine is used in our natural eco-swimming pond. Our guests enjoy pure natural water with phosphate removed.

Our specially selected pond plants use their bacteria and nutrients to keep the pond clean and encourage an eco-environment where all manner of insects, birds and amphibians flourish.

Dragonflies hatch here and feed throughout the summer months while frog spawn makes regular  annual appearances.

Dragon fly on one of the reeds in piglets eco-natural swimming pond

Not only does nature flourish but many of our guests enjoy the benefits of cold water swimming and immersion.

Wim Hof taking a dip

If we cannot grow it or rear it, we use local suppliers wherever possible including local markets to supply the B&B.

Our vegetable plots are expanding and Chrissie works very hard to cultivate natural composts and uses no fertilizers.

Vegetable patch and greenhouse at Piglets Boutique Country Stay

We recycle via our local council’s systems and use green, brown and food waste processing systems to break down for future compost.

We harvest water from our buildings’ roofs which is used on the vegetable patches and flower beds around Piglets and our grass cuttings go towards our future manure needs.

Free range chickens

Free range chickens | B&B chickens | Fresh B&B eggs | Piglets Boutique B&B chickens

Our chickens are free range and come from a local breeder. We have netted their run so that even in times of Bird Flu they are still able to enjoy space and fresh air within the constrictions imposed.

Excess eggs are sold (not for profit) from our door for locals to purchase to save journeys to the supermarkets.

Please click here to see our full provenance listing.

(this is also printed on the reverse of our breakfast menus).

Village litter pick at Piglets Boutique Country Stay

With our fellow villagers, we undertake litter pickings to keep our village and countryside beautiful.

Uttlesford Food Bank logo

Excess foods from Piglets go to our local food bank.

Funds raised from our lending library at Piglets go to our local nature reserve Noakes Grove at neighbouring village, Sewards End. This dates back to the year 1400 when permission by a Mr Noakes was given for this 9-acre site which is open to the public all year round.

Saffron Walden Market

Apple Juice production

Brown Bread stall at The Market at Saffron Walden where Piglets buys its local bread

We have had a market in Saffron Walden since 1141 and in fact before the town had ‘Saffron’ added to its name (following the growing of the Crocus locally) it was originally called ‘Chipping’ Walden, meaning market.

The Market at Saffron Walden has been a feature since 1141 is just 10 mins from Piglets Boutique Country Stay

The market offers a wide selection of fruit, veg, cheese, fish, dairy and meat on a Tuesday and Saturday.

A Saffron Walden market stall selling fresh fish just 5 miles from Piglets Boutique Country Store

The cattle market in Saffron Walden in the 1960s

Livestock in Saffron Walden market circa 1960s

In the summer months we forage in the hedgrows surrounding Piglets using its bounty to produce, jams and chutneys. In September we pick our apples which we have made into apple juice used in the B&B at breakfast.

Glass of organic apple juice next to a bottle made from apples at Piglets Boutique Country Stay

Empty apple juice bottles are then recycled to our neighbours who use them for our co-operative apple juice production the following year.

Apples gathered from Piglets Boutique Country Stay orchard for making apple juice
The Apple orchard at Piglets Boutique Country Stay

Rural employment and local suppliers

When we need extra staffing, this is drawn from the local farming community within the village wherever possible. Most of our maintenance and the building of Piglets is and was undertaken by a building company within Wimbish including our regular pond maintenance.

Before Piglets was a B&B, the Parker family employed up to 25 local staff in their craft workshops (which at the time made them the biggest employer in the village) and the company still produces its luxury items by hand just a few hundred of yards from the B&B.

This photograph was taken on the occasion of the company’s 25th anniversary in 1983 in what is now Piglets breakfast room.

Geoffrey Parker and his staff in the craft workshops which is now Piglets breakfast room

Wherever possible we support other local suppliers and also encourage cross-over social media promotion to form a network of local producers and consumers.

RDPE and DEFRA support

The construction of Piglets B&B was aided by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas. This was also supported by DEFRA.

Defra logo

Infrastructure and sustainability

From LED lighting to dual flush loos and energy efficient dual heat/air conditioning exchangers.

Any water leaks from our swimming pond are re-syphoned back into our the pond which in turn reduces the potential for nitrates to develop.

Where appropriate we install movement sensors for lighting in public areas.

Motion sensors are fitted in all bedrooms for night-time bathroom visits.

We control exterior lighting by actively managed timer switches.

We use refillable water bottles in our bedrooms which are sanitised and refreshed daily with purified water from our kitchens.  Milk is decanted into small bottles so as to avoid larger cartons etc going off – guests are encouraged to ask for a refill if they need more.

Cleaning and toiletries

We do not provide complimentary slippers in the rooms as these will only go to landfill. Our bedroom floors are polished wood so are kind to feet.


We use recyclable products, paper, plastic, bottles etc in our bedrooms, gym and sauna.


We have dispensed with single-use plastic and all our toiletries are eco-friendly and refillable.

Good for our guests and for the environment!

Note that Wimbish has more public footpaths than any other Essex parish


Our team are trained in environmental awareness, to care for one another and of course for our guests welfare and help with any environmental issues or questions they may have.

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