Sauna & treatments

Infra-red Sauna

Within the Games Room is a private two-person infra-red sauna to relax in.

Our infrared sauna has a far and near infrared mix. This is the most beneficial infrared treatment for your health giving you benefits such as helping you to get fitter and healthier whilst using up huge amounts of calories.

A session in an Infrared Sauna is a totally pleasant and rewarding experience with the user able to select whatever temperature they wish their bodies to be, without the discomfort of the air being too warm. This is because the emitters in the sauna heat up the person rather than the air. Out of 100% infrared energy, only 20% heats up the air and 80% is converted to heat within our bodies. Saunas are known to improve general health plus aches and pains. Sporting aches, sprains and aids recovery. Detoxing and other major health issues.

A private changing area is provided and along with complementary filtered water and towels. Sauna sessions can be booked by appointment to ensure your privacy at £15/45 min session. There is also an Alexa for your enjoyment and relaxation.

Sessions are reserved on the hour to enable us time to sanitise for the next guests, so please vacate as soon as your session is over. Thank you.

Perhaps after a work-out in our gym a nice relaxing sauna followed by a cooling off dip in our natural swimming pond one would be all set for a well deserved tipple from the bar and a Piglets platter or pizza

Massage therapist

Our friendly masseur, Gary, has offered his services to our guests, however he is very popular so if you fancy a massage during your stay either just for relaxing or to continue treatment of a sports injury or similar, you need to book him well in advance.

Gary’s services include healing, immune system support, relaxation, pre and post surgery/cancer lymphatic drainage, sports/Swedish/hot stone/massage.

Piglets doesn’t get involved with the booking or payment of this which is from £65/hour – please either email, text/phone or connect through Facebook with Gary direct by clicking on his logo. 

Please do not leave booking him until the last minute as you may be disappointed and he doesn’t live locally.

Hands being massaged at Piglets spa

Telephone Gary on 07925 005991

Holistic Reflexology

Local to us is Catherine, a mobile reflexologist, who offers incredibly relaxing reflexology and hot stone reflexology. Fully insured and a member of the Association of Reflexologists, Catherine is able to travel to Piglets and offer a de-stressing treatment that lasts up to an hour (subject to availability!). Reflexology is a wonderful natural complementary therapy that helps to release tension, improve sleep and mood, and increase well-being. Prices start from £50. 

Foot reflexology and De-stressing at Piglets spa
Hot stone reflexology massage to feet at Piglets boutique

Catherine had treated us here at Piglets and we can highly recommend her relaxing and tension-reducing reflexology treatment. There are so many benefits to this ancient treatment and she is just a call away – we suggest you make your booking with her after you have confirmed your stay at Piglets as she is heavily in demand. Piglets doesn’t get involved with booking so you will need to contact Catherine direct by telephone or email.

Telephone Catherine on 07769 644530

Email Catherine at

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