Cold water swimming


What our guests say about our swimming pond...

Taking over a year to conceive and create, our swimming pond is gradually increasing its eco-credentials by the day as the plants grow within our regeneration zone and their friendly bacteria start to perform their magic to produce a crystal ‘gin clear’ natural swimming experience without chemicals where one can enjoy a unique swim.

At the deep end it is 2.25M (7 ft 5″) deep and half way it reduces to 1.30M (4 ft 3″) . It is built for those who like to train so it is 14.55M (47.74 ft)  long by 5.45M (17.88 ft)  wide and has straight sides for tumble-turning if so inclined!

This is a tranquil adult space with no children bombing and no footballs thrown!

Although chilly in the winter months for those hardened Wim Hof aficionados, the pond gradually heats up and has reached an almost balmy 25 degrees in the summer months. 

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The swimming pond decking

The decking surrounding our swimming pond offers numerous positions both morning and afternoon to catch some rays and enjoy a cool drink with a good book.  Just ask Max or Chrissie for a bathing towel.

We have plastic glasses available in the boot room which we ask you to use when taking drinks outside rather than the glass ones in the bar.

You will find green planters divide areas around the pond to allow guests to have their own space so we ask you not to move these.  If you are in a small group, speak to Max or Chrissie who will move them if necessary.